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This site is intended to be a place where people from the department share software with others. (The Procedures represent the state of affairs of 2002 - 2010.)
A preliminary Guide (an Igor Pro™ Notebook file)
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Tutorial Waves
Igor Pro™ Tutorial Waves for the Tutorial Notebook
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Igor Pro™ Prodedures for Deconvolution and Noise Analysis
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Igor Pro™ Procedures for Curve Fitting
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Patcher's Power Tools Igor Pro XOP™ for reading Heka™ Pulse/PM files and other tools for electrophysiologists
Version 2.12 changed 21.02.2007
This version of the PPT XOP reads also Heka™ PatchMaster files.
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Version 2.13a changed 14.06.2007
Macintosh OS X only. Runs also on Intel Macs.
Version 2.13b changed 28.06.2007 Download Download
Version 2.13c changed 21.12.2007 Download
Version 2.14 changed 14.01.2009 Download Download
Version 2.15 changed 18.08.2009 Download Download
Version 2.17 changed 07.01.2010 Download Download
Version 2.18 changed 28.09.2010 Download Download
Version 2.19 changed 15.03.2011 Download Download
mStim, stimulating and controlling the equipment of the setup
mStim 1st Generation 2nd Generation
Drivers and Manual Download
Firmware version 1.0.3 Download Download
Firmware version 1.0.4 Download Download
Firmware version 1.0.5   Download
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