• Concoord - (Protein) structure generation from distance constraints.
    Conformational sampling algorithm and alternative to MD.

  • tConcoord - (Protein) structure generation from distance constraints.
    A Concoord variant specialized at conformational transitions.

  • Pymol plugin for tConcoord - A PyMOL plugin for tCONCOORD which allows visualization of interactions and interactive constraint definition.

  • Pymol autodock plugin. - A PyMOL plugin for Autodock which helps setting up docking runs and view docking results with PyMOL.

  • FMA - Functional Mode Analysis.
    Implementation of PCA-based or PLS-based (new) FMA.

  • g_lomepro - Local Membrane Property Analysis.
    Find the up-to-date version of g_lomepro on github.

  • Gromacs - Molecular Dynamics package.

  • Maptools - A number of programs to deal with experimental (X-ray, EM) 3D maps.

  • minVar - Superpositioning of flexible molecule ensembles.

  • pmx - Automated protein structure and topology generation for free energy calculations.
    Software package and Webserver to generate hybrid structures and topologies for amino acid and DNA nucleotide mutations.